1995,Shuoying Digital Science & Technology (China) Co., Ltd was founded and known as Xinke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

1999 ,Xinke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd change the name to Shuoying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd and got into the field of consumptive digital products.

2002,The name changed once again to Shuoying Digital Science & Technology (China) Co., Ltd. In the same year Shuoying started produce imaging products.

2004,Shuoying Digital Science & Technology (China) Co., Ltd stated running in Gaoxin Technology park, Wenzhou.

2008,Shuoying Group officially established. 

2009,Shuoying became licensees of Disney and the only conglomerates that has authorised the right of production and distribution of digital camera and vidicon. 

2010,Shuoying became the lead of the crowd made the first step into tablet PC felid. Same year the industrial park located at Longhua, Shenzhen put into use. The company got the award of Chinas Innovation Company and top ten of Wenzhou Innovation export companies.

2011,Shuoying got the title of 3 star company of Wenzhou development area, 2011 Excellent Export Enterprise and etc.

2012,Shuoying started their footprint in the field of research and develop sports camera and had a big sucsses of selling camcorder.

2013,Shuoying got a title of Top 50 Industrial Enterprise of Longhua District. Within the year the industrial park No.2 which located in Longhua, Shenzhen put in use.

 2014,With the success of camcorder it took over 30% of the export rate among others. The same year Shuoying started research and develop panoramic camera. 

2015,In July a new joint co-brand OKAA was founded. OKAAs main focus is on promote the experience of imaging. In November Shenzhen Shuoying Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd founded and positioned it to a technological company.

 2016,In January, during the CES exhibition held in Las Vegas Shuoying established the 720° panorama camera. It was the the world third launch company of panorama camera other than Ricoh and Nikon. In April, Shuoying attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair and the Double lens 720° panoramic camera became the main attraction in the Fair. It means Shuoying has fill the blank of double lens panoramic camera in mainland Chinas market