Stay steady so the society will trust


Be considerate so the consumers are satisfied


Keep learning to fill full every employees horizon 




On behalf of SHUOYING staff, over the pass years of care, support and encouragement of our customers, suppliers, collaboration partners, leaders at all levels and friends express our most heartfelt thanks! Also a warm welcome to both old and new friends to visit the our Web site.


2016 is the 21 year since SHUOYING was founded. Twenty one years are just a short span in the whole universe. However, to a company its the processes of growing. In the past 21 years SHUOYING has always take responsibility to our employee, partners, consumers, and etc. SHUOYING will and always take creative, improve as our mission.


In 20 years weve seen the development of globalisation, experienced every technology revolution. SHUOYING had grown up from a small factory who make electronic toy to a mature and stable company who has industrial park in both Shenzhen and Wenzhou. SHUOYING is involved in different fields. For example, communication products, electronic entertainment devices, and etc. With all the experiences of up and down in 20 years SHUOYING has accumulated what we've learned and try to make this family better and fit for every new come members.


The plan SHUOYING is heading to the direction of developing cellphone related internet imaging products. In addition we are slowly move away from hardware manufacturing to soft and hardware combination to achieve our brand value. We hope all of our consumers can enjoy the internet products can bring to us.


There isn't a flat road for you to go, we can't stop improving. Challenges are always there waiting for us to solve it. All we can do is keep working and learning to maintain our spot in the field.


I want to say thank you to all my colleagues who has contribute to SHUOYING. We cant make it here without you. SHUOYING is also looking forward to having more talented friends to join us to make our family bigger and better.


Wish you all the best!